We who survived.

“Ive always been in awe of the sea. Something so big, so powerful, and yet at times, gentle. It is just as much home to us as our island. We have lived by it, and we have died by it. But now, things have changed. I look out over it even now, its not the same anymore. Today we travel across our waters…, no, not our waters anymore. ….Today we travel over these waters to the homeland. But not quite our home.

We are who survived, we with no home. We shall wander for a time.

But for now, we sail. This ship is much larger than my peoples’, and it is strange. I can feel it in the woodwork, in the lines and sails. These are strange people too, but for now we will trust them. What more can we do?

I see Brice from time to time, he looks well for what he has been through. He has awakened. He will go on to do great things, for our world has changed and him with it. More than us by any means.

Shawn, I can hear him. Still speaking to the survivors, his word brings with it a calm, like the morning breeze. A holy man my father would call him. I did not trust him at first, but then my father told me ‘His ways and our own are not as different as you think, my son.’ My father was right, I have come to value Shawn’s insight and reason.

I think Ill wait here a while more, the sea is calmer now. Not for too long of course, I can already smell the ale, Tsokin is headed my way, or maybe Slanish. The half-orcs. They are just as out of place as I am. Good lads, never a dull moment.

Time to go it would seem, my friends are waiting, but I cant help but wonder what will become of us.

We who survived."

A moment frozen in time
With their homeland being an incorporeal memory, the refugees make way for unknown lands. Anticipation gave way to awe inspiring thought the second their eyes fell upon the great cliffs that mark the coast of a land that was to become their home. What adventures await the wearied refugees of the island villages to the north? Only time will tell.
Everything I Have Known
Tso never was much for staying in one place. He was afflicted with wanderlust one might say. He knew the lands to be his home, all of it. He knew every blade of grass in that area. All in a past-tense now. They headed to their true home, but it will never be the same. This realization hit him as he looked at the emptiness that was once full of lands, and the known world, and had a gut-wrenching feeling in his body, down to his bones. “Never again…” He muttered to himself as he poured into the maps that were provided to him. His expertise in the lands, the one thing that made him unique and sought after at times, made him feel equal, was gone. We was just another half-orc now. He looked to his cousin as he watched over some of the children that just felt his protection then back to the maps. “I have to do…” He muttered to himself again and thought of the poor fisherman’s son, whom now was as-if alienated from them. It strangely seemed normal, but made his skin feel fake, like this magic could be contagious. He shuttered and tried to think of something else. The Druid had to be near him on his feeling of being robbed of his dear land, he always respected the land so much, what would he do? He focused on the coastlines for a bit, his back aching a little, his eyes a bit heavy, but with a inner fire, he tried to make sense of it all, as if he could start to see individual trees. He then felt a hand on his shoulder. The cleric, normally he would have jerked away, but he could tell somehow it was him. He looked back, but he did not see him right there, he was further away, talking to a mass of the ships new crew who could not find sleep. The Cleric had nodded to the half-orc. It was reassuring. He use to hate him, the outsider he would say, but that quickly faded, as he grew to count on him for healing and his words, but he would never tell him such things. His eyes told him what he might say from a distance. “Be still my child, this is our path, embrace it.” Or some ruckus, he would scoff and look away, but let the intentions sink in anyways. So he did, and he found he could focus a bit more. This path still unknown was coming their way whether they wanted it or not, he just wanted to be prepared…

He did not sleep that night, but felt rested as though he had.

A hell of a situation

I’m kind of hoping that one of these guards accepts my open invitation to an ass kicking. Considering that Tsokin and myself have been getting some not so friendly looks; I’m of the mind that these “civilized” folk have a bit of a problem with those of a slightly orcish nature. Honestly, it makes no difference to me whether or not these bastards are friendly to us, it’s just easier to hit a shiny tin soldier than the energy storm that reduced my home into nothing.

I think it’s nice to have Tsokin and these little children here to keep me from doing something stupid.

But home is nowhere
It seems the promises of a home were short lived. Already there has been an attempt on their lives, and that coupled with rumors of them being some sort of “chosen” people has made for a rough adjustment to their new lives.
A warrior's purpose

The blade bit into the lizard creature’s neck and almost immediately my day had gotten a whole lot better. The thought of bloody and most visceral death from a group of murderous humanoids is far more appealing than just sitting around doing fuck all; the meal at the inn wasn’t so bad though, although the wait staff could have been friendlier. Anyway, this lizard bastard thought he could face down a half-orc with a long sword…you should have brought twenty more javelins with you my scaly friend. Damn it, Tsokin went down, I better introduce my steel friend to the insides of that piece of dirt. The priest is earning his stripes in this fight, Tsokin is up for another round, and another scaly man-thing just got a round trip ticket to the resurrection provided by yours truly. My friends seem to be holding their own in the fight, Bryce is making use of his purple electricity for once, though I shouldn’t give him too much grief since his father died a violent death; damn it, Tsokin just went down again. That rat bastard is a tough fucker. I’ve never thought I was this good at fighting; the blood on the blade gives me the idea that I have purpose in this new world. Say good-bye to your head! I’m sorry, I’m digressing here…I really could use something to eat.

A wayfarers thought.

“Somehow I doubt we will be normal members of the Expeditionary Force, magic parchment aside. Normal?… What is normal here? Two weeks ago I was on my island, gathering herbs to make potions for my people. Today I am ankle deep in bloody saltwater killing lizard-men, wondering if the heat will kill me before their blades do. Ha! What will the winds bring tomorrow?

No matter, our path would seem clear, forward. What else can we do, what else would we want to do? We are free, more than we know we are. And I aim to keep it that way."

~Ruven Winterborn


“Ya know…” He said as they made their way through the endless shallow sea of salt such. “I hope that the bloody magic tap, tapsty, magic wall does not show me turning into a bloody lycan or that I almost get killed every time multiple times. . .I think they have some magic stalker that just records all we do, and puts it all on that thing, you know if they can make such boats and such mystics why not? I would like to put an arrow through some of their heart the way they treat us. . .” He mumbled on a bit about similar things. “Least we get to get back at something, it feels good to blame something anything for our islands…”

Much later after shrieking spiders and killing off the enemy lizard scout. “I can not even hit a spider thing 5 feet in front of me, but i nail the big one in the throat, bet it shows that, or that the paladin might die not from the battle but the elements. You best take good damn care of your feet, Here I got some extra boiled leather boots for ya, I think ya got time before we kill the rest of these retched beast. . .”

“Stupid magic wall. . .”

We who killed a dragon.

Ruven was sitting against a wall, bolts of energy still coarsening through his body. His finger tips still charged, they were burned, but he couldn’t feel it yet. Over head the sky was still dark, it would clear soon, the overwhelming heat would return. As Ruven stood up he felt the last of his spell subside, this would hurt soon.

Walking over to the middle of the courtyard he could see the carnage again. Broken bodies, charred bodies, sliced bodies, punctured bodies…. exploded bodies. But they were just lizard men. Just lizard men? The dragon lay dead by the well, things have changed, again.

“Its still just a piece of magic parchment.” Ruven thought. “However…, it would seem my brothers are more than even I thought. We will have to be careful now, we will bring more attention to ourselves. HA! Careful? We six idiots just took on a dragon! And we lived. I had hoped we could find a place to live with whats left of our people, find a new life and be happy. It would seem the winds and the stars have another path for us. Will we choose to take it?”

“We who killed a dragon.”

"And they have the same job as us?!"
Williams plopped down in the chair, unceremoniously dropped his pack to the floor and sighed. Edder passed a mug to him from across the table, Williams scooped it up and took a long drink. He sat the mug down and gazed across the barracks, he found a few faces he didnt know on the others side of the room.

Leaning over to Edder, Williams asked. “Is that them?”

Edder smiled and took a shot of his ale, “That would be them. Arrived a little over two weeks ago, while you were away. Few days later they were transferred to the Expedition and sent out the next morning. Only been back for a day or so.”

“Are the rumors true? About the saltflats?” Williams questioned.

Edder chuckled, popped the cork off another bottle and leaned back in his chair. “Oh you missed quite a show when they got back yesterday. Take a look up there” Edder pointed with his mug to the far wall. Mounted on the wall with a fresh backing was a claw. A giant black claw.

“No….NO! You got to be kidding me! Thats not what we do!”

“Well seems that no one told that to them, damn fools!” Edder pored himself another drink then filled Williams’ mug again. “You should have seen Sarg, he didnt know what to say, hell I heard he promoted them.”

Williams took a drink of his refilled ale, “After two weeks?! Ive been here ten years!”

“Ya but you aint killed no dragon, besides you should be happy, we got an easy thing going here”

“OH you say that now Edder, soon they will expect us all to be slaying dragons and such!”

Williams and Edder both looked down as if deep in thought, a cold sweat on their brow, at almost the same time each scrambled for his drink and downed the rest.

“I think Ill have me another bottle of ale Edder.”

“And I think you’ll share it Williams.”


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