We who are Slayers of Dragons

“This is the second one? Right? Ya, Im sure of it, second one. I mean, thats got to be a record right? ‘Most Dragons killed by islander refugees.’ At least this one is fun to talk too.”


We all cant be knights in shining armor.
“Im just saying, some of us have to do the dirty work. Scouting is an art. It takes finesse, whats dust and grime to you is camouflage to me. Dont get me wrong, when the swords start to clash and the fireballs start to fly, ya its your show. I shift to the back and try to be useful. But on the way there, I have to see everything WITHOUT being seen myself.

So Bryce, if you would great wizard, shove a fireball up the arse of that posh prick of a meat-bag “friend” of yours when we get back. And when are you going to learn the teleport spell? Would be nice to have a competent person cast it."


Terms of War

“I start to wonder how much of this we have brought upon ourselves. These people call us chosen, what the hell does that even mean? Trouble follows in our wake, death walks among us, and buildings explode all around us. (Much of that is Brice granted) I some how doubt this is what the people imagined us to be. My one question is when will they turn of us? Everyone else seems to have, that or died.

We now face war…. and dragons. And yes, I do intend to face them. I didnt ask for this life, but if Im going to live it and die by it, Im going down fighting. No.. Im no hero, I just dont know what else to do."


We who make war.

“Sure we’ve had a few nasty scraps in our time. Hell the battle helping the Grayscales was… well it was a battle. But this was different as I see it. This is what they call war. No, this was only the beginning of war, wasnt it?

I felt something odd in the wind that day, a whisper I had not heard before. I didnt know what is was. I know now. The whisper was small at first, subtle I mean, you… dread it, you can almost guess what it is. You get the feeling to turn away, but you cant, something about it makes you want to know more. Its a cold wind, yet it blisters you, like the hot sun. Its like heavy air, and yet your mouth is dry. Much like the saltflats I might add. And it only gets worse. Once it has you in its grasp it destroys you and everything else, whatever or whoever is left is changed forever. This is war.

I lost my half-breed bastard brother that day,(the big one with the two swords), and I almost lost a human brother,(the one who explodes things). I knew it could happen, we dont exactly live a quiet life, but I didnt think one would fall so soon. Hell my other half-breed bastard brother,(the one who shoots arrows backwards!… but not by his choosing..) has fallen MANY times, he always got back up.

No, this is not the same, this is war. And it will be the end of all we know, we who make it."


Sean's Thoughts: Chapter 14

It seems my last entry regarding Slanish in a derogatory light was ill-timed. Slanish was murdered by one of the villagers and everything is becoming like something out of a dream. My days and nights are blurring together into just one long endless toil of mending muscle, setting bones, and removing toxins. War is upon us.
The scrolls could have never began to describe the horrors that are witnessed. I have seen a field with nearly fifteen thousand soldiers dead. No, they are not soldier. They are sons, fathers, uncles, husbands, and friends. To have so many lives destroyed around you is a shocking feeling. The air around the defended city smell of the ichor of beasts and men. The vomit curls into the back of my mouth just recalling the stench.
The battle ended in a sort of climactic fashion. The leader of the battalion of evil somehow possessed Bryce and took his shadow. We tried stabbing and yelling at it, but with no avail. I decided to unleash a holy light into it that could purge any shadow. Bryce was free of the curse, but it was too late for his shadow. I believe he made it even with me by trying to pull my soul out of my body while I was protecting So-ken, but that is all in a days work for a cleric.

Sean's Thoughts: Chapter 13

My first job of importance and leadership was ruined by a pissing contest. Two “men” decided to take their dicks out and find out who’s was bigger. Slanish won but ended up with a half dozen crossbow bolts lodged in his torso. Does he think it is easy to push out wood and iron from the body? It is just a few hand waves and some chants to him, but he couldn’t care in the slightest how I feel. I had to think up some scheme to break him out of a platoon of armed guards (I was at a complete loss).

Everything started going fine until we had to get work after Bryce’s in and out job and realized the forces were advancing quicker than I expected and the dragons were nowhere to be found. I am half tempted to raise the lot of them as skeletons! At least they obey orders… definitely will not be adding that last bit to the official report.

So on and so forth,
War IS Hell

....Ya... that'll help moral.

“You know what? Im not even going to blame Slanish. Why? Who the hell put him in charge in the first place? Of five THOUSAND men no less. Honestly? Why him? He has the subtlety of a Hill Giant, the diplomacy of a rusty hatchet, and the restraint of a sand storm!

Now dont get me wrong, he’s still my half-blooded bastard brother, but come on! He has one way of doing things, and that involves two very sharp blades.

Think about it. They sent a hardened half-orc warrior to talk to some fat, stuck up, quill pushing civil servant. What did they think was going to happen?! The only thing that surprised me was the stiff’s guards actually managed to stop Slanish. It took FIVE bolts to his gut at point blank range to do it, but they arrested him. Again, wouldn’t want anyone else fighting by my side in battle, but we need someone else to do the talking."


To kill a mocking *cough Mayor* Bird

Tso speaking with himself and the woods about and with Feind his animal companion.“Cousin….they gave MY cousin 5000 men! Were fucked. If he don attack somebody himself he will order the lot of us to, not that I mind fighting, but i like livin… I like it a lot. This town might be gone when we get there, I wonder what kind of reception they will have. We aint used the chosen card in a lit while, oh well. . .”

Feind tilted her head. “Were fucked?”

A few hours later. . .(A generalization and dramatization of the unfolding events, add what you will please)

“Im the Mayor Bitch!”

“Fuck you” (Intimidation)

“Nah, I am still the Mayor bitch! Respect my authoritie!” ( Scared some, maybe a little pee)

Slandish slashes the Mayor to shreds

Slandish take 5 bolts to his general body

Slandish is arrested

“Fuck, cousin!”

Tso is in charge

“Hey, you got to execute him yourself. Whitemains orders”

“Fuck. . . . k”

Tsokin goes to the cleric

“Hey you think we can fake his death? They told me to execute him, fuck this town*

Cleric “Probly, alter looks, or I can move stone if we must.”

Tso "Your one sick fucker you know that, but I like ya, lets go*

Cleric tells Druid to storm things up

Tso does not take into consideration they are probably the very few half-orcs around

Mage saves the day (Almost blows a wing of the arcane school up as well perhaps?)

Tso sees Whitemaines ring “Oh god did you…Oh were fucked, how did you…, you too?”

Slandish back in charge

“Now lets defend some?”

“The next time you do that cousin I might just have to carry through, then off myself, lets try to play nice and let the Cleric and Mage when he is here talk, then us. . .They do not have that itch, maybe i should have said something when you use to torture bugs when we were younger eh? Nah….”

Author: Bryce Coventry (3rd Order)

*Non-Standard Portal Creation and Transference of Demonic Entity Through Biological Ceasation Trigger *
A First Hand Observation of the Event and Study of the Residual Energies and Remaining Material Components by Bryce Coventry.

*Author’s Note: During the Event itself I was taking part in a conflict non-conducive to careful observations and measurements. The area and myself were subject to numerous variables unrelated to the creation of the portal; including, but not limited to, magical energies of several different categories and the threat and realization of physical damage and pain to myself. I was also maintaining one arcane spell of the first level, one spell of the second level, and executing a thermobaric spell of the third level. These energies, as well as the suboptimal observational conditions should inform the reader that the observations contained in this paper cannot be considered perfect. I have calculated the margin of error of my observations during the event itself to around %4.4923 variability and observations of the after effects of said event to be around %1.8379 variability. These calculations were based on the Howe-Garen paper “Categorizing and Quantifying Interference Variables During Field Experiments and Observations in a Uncontrolled Environment”
The appendix contains a comprehensive list of all known external variables. Please feel free to calculate the variability using any of the other accepted methods.

1.The portal creation event took place approximately 50 meters below ground in a large man made stone room measuring……….

Chosen Profits

“Not exactly an ideal situation, it felt like a den of thieves to be honest. A lot of gold, fancy robes, shiny trinkets, but it all felt rotten inside. Kind of like the Vile fruit back home, it might look nice from the outside, but late in the season its just fermented poison.

We met the king, honestly he seemed to have the right idea, if I had to be stuck with all those over dressed wind bags Id be half drunk all the time too. He sure was in a hurry to leave when we gave him his family ring back…. Ya… THAT’S not going to come back and bite us in the ass.

The three trade masters were another story, Ive seen some messed up things in my short time here. But they scared me. Honestly, it was almost as bad as when all the city officials were lining us up to be sized up after we docked. At least us half-breeds didn’t end up in a side room the whole time, screened off so the fancy people wouldn’t have to look at us.

Sorry I just cant get over that while our friends got to go to the big shiny church and the mage school, the rest of us had to wait in the shanty camp behind a tavern. Wait a moment,.. what am I saying?! We got to go to the tavern first! Ha! Let the others have the fancy books, give me a pint of ale anytime!

…What was I talking about again?"



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