....Ya... that'll help moral.

“You know what? Im not even going to blame Slanish. Why? Who the hell put him in charge in the first place? Of five THOUSAND men no less. Honestly? Why him? He has the subtlety of a Hill Giant, the diplomacy of a rusty hatchet, and the restraint of a sand storm!

Now dont get me wrong, he’s still my half-blooded bastard brother, but come on! He has one way of doing things, and that involves two very sharp blades.

Think about it. They sent a hardened half-orc warrior to talk to some fat, stuck up, quill pushing civil servant. What did they think was going to happen?! The only thing that surprised me was the stiff’s guards actually managed to stop Slanish. It took FIVE bolts to his gut at point blank range to do it, but they arrested him. Again, wouldn’t want anyone else fighting by my side in battle, but we need someone else to do the talking."




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