Well hello to you too!

“…..Yes… she has some issues, did try to kill us after all. But hey! Who hasn’t?!

Im just saying guys, she cant be all that bad! I mean, sure, she did summon an infernal monster to rip us to shreds in a horribly violent rage, but come on, she didnt mean it! Did she? All Im saying is just give me a chance! Look, let me talk to her first, move on in all nice and smooth druid like (chicks dig the outside adventurer type) get her to give up all this ‘evil’ nonsense. It will be fine! Trust me.

Whats the worst that could happen? …Ya, that, I guess. Hmm.. forgot about her poison crossbow… Ok… that too. Look we can talk about how many brutal ways she could kill me later. Point is, Im a half-elf, she’s a… well., elf-ish… High Elf?…… Maybe? Whatever, look guys…

…I got this!"



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