To kill a mocking *cough Mayor* Bird

Tso speaking with himself and the woods about and with Feind his animal companion.“Cousin….they gave MY cousin 5000 men! Were fucked. If he don attack somebody himself he will order the lot of us to, not that I mind fighting, but i like livin… I like it a lot. This town might be gone when we get there, I wonder what kind of reception they will have. We aint used the chosen card in a lit while, oh well. . .”

Feind tilted her head. “Were fucked?”

A few hours later. . .(A generalization and dramatization of the unfolding events, add what you will please)

“Im the Mayor Bitch!”

“Fuck you” (Intimidation)

“Nah, I am still the Mayor bitch! Respect my authoritie!” ( Scared some, maybe a little pee)

Slandish slashes the Mayor to shreds

Slandish take 5 bolts to his general body

Slandish is arrested

“Fuck, cousin!”

Tso is in charge

“Hey, you got to execute him yourself. Whitemains orders”

“Fuck. . . . k”

Tsokin goes to the cleric

“Hey you think we can fake his death? They told me to execute him, fuck this town*

Cleric “Probly, alter looks, or I can move stone if we must.”

Tso "Your one sick fucker you know that, but I like ya, lets go*

Cleric tells Druid to storm things up

Tso does not take into consideration they are probably the very few half-orcs around

Mage saves the day (Almost blows a wing of the arcane school up as well perhaps?)

Tso sees Whitemaines ring “Oh god did you…Oh were fucked, how did you…, you too?”

Slandish back in charge

“Now lets defend some?”

“The next time you do that cousin I might just have to carry through, then off myself, lets try to play nice and let the Cleric and Mage when he is here talk, then us. . .They do not have that itch, maybe i should have said something when you use to torture bugs when we were younger eh? Nah….”


“Wait… You were second in command? Is there someone I can talk to about this “chain of command” thing, I dont quite get how its suppose to work."



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