Sean's Thoughts: Chapter 14

It seems my last entry regarding Slanish in a derogatory light was ill-timed. Slanish was murdered by one of the villagers and everything is becoming like something out of a dream. My days and nights are blurring together into just one long endless toil of mending muscle, setting bones, and removing toxins. War is upon us.
The scrolls could have never began to describe the horrors that are witnessed. I have seen a field with nearly fifteen thousand soldiers dead. No, they are not soldier. They are sons, fathers, uncles, husbands, and friends. To have so many lives destroyed around you is a shocking feeling. The air around the defended city smell of the ichor of beasts and men. The vomit curls into the back of my mouth just recalling the stench.
The battle ended in a sort of climactic fashion. The leader of the battalion of evil somehow possessed Bryce and took his shadow. We tried stabbing and yelling at it, but with no avail. I decided to unleash a holy light into it that could purge any shadow. Bryce was free of the curse, but it was too late for his shadow. I believe he made it even with me by trying to pull my soul out of my body while I was protecting So-ken, but that is all in a days work for a cleric.



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