Sean's Thoughts: Chapter 13

My first job of importance and leadership was ruined by a pissing contest. Two “men” decided to take their dicks out and find out who’s was bigger. Slanish won but ended up with a half dozen crossbow bolts lodged in his torso. Does he think it is easy to push out wood and iron from the body? It is just a few hand waves and some chants to him, but he couldn’t care in the slightest how I feel. I had to think up some scheme to break him out of a platoon of armed guards (I was at a complete loss).

Everything started going fine until we had to get work after Bryce’s in and out job and realized the forces were advancing quicker than I expected and the dragons were nowhere to be found. I am half tempted to raise the lot of them as skeletons! At least they obey orders… definitely will not be adding that last bit to the official report.

So on and so forth,
War IS Hell


Raising skeletons? Pathfinder has an inquisitor class right?…..

Sean's Thoughts: Chapter 13

lol, I’m still trying to work out the details. I wouldn’t say it is a whole class yet.

Sean's Thoughts: Chapter 13

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