Chosen Profits

“Not exactly an ideal situation, it felt like a den of thieves to be honest. A lot of gold, fancy robes, shiny trinkets, but it all felt rotten inside. Kind of like the Vile fruit back home, it might look nice from the outside, but late in the season its just fermented poison.

We met the king, honestly he seemed to have the right idea, if I had to be stuck with all those over dressed wind bags Id be half drunk all the time too. He sure was in a hurry to leave when we gave him his family ring back…. Ya… THAT’S not going to come back and bite us in the ass.

The three trade masters were another story, Ive seen some messed up things in my short time here. But they scared me. Honestly, it was almost as bad as when all the city officials were lining us up to be sized up after we docked. At least us half-breeds didn’t end up in a side room the whole time, screened off so the fancy people wouldn’t have to look at us.

Sorry I just cant get over that while our friends got to go to the big shiny church and the mage school, the rest of us had to wait in the shanty camp behind a tavern. Wait a moment,.. what am I saying?! We got to go to the tavern first! Ha! Let the others have the fancy books, give me a pint of ale anytime!

…What was I talking about again?"



Not to mention Wardenwatch being destroyed as well!

Chosen Profits

Ya, forgot about that too. Normally when I write these its a spur of the moment thing. But I knew I had missed something. Hey I bought the Eclipse Phase book, I think its the right one.

Chosen Profits

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