Author: Bryce Coventry (3rd Order)

*Non-Standard Portal Creation and Transference of Demonic Entity Through Biological Ceasation Trigger *
A First Hand Observation of the Event and Study of the Residual Energies and Remaining Material Components by Bryce Coventry.

*Author’s Note: During the Event itself I was taking part in a conflict non-conducive to careful observations and measurements. The area and myself were subject to numerous variables unrelated to the creation of the portal; including, but not limited to, magical energies of several different categories and the threat and realization of physical damage and pain to myself. I was also maintaining one arcane spell of the first level, one spell of the second level, and executing a thermobaric spell of the third level. These energies, as well as the suboptimal observational conditions should inform the reader that the observations contained in this paper cannot be considered perfect. I have calculated the margin of error of my observations during the event itself to around %4.4923 variability and observations of the after effects of said event to be around %1.8379 variability. These calculations were based on the Howe-Garen paper “Categorizing and Quantifying Interference Variables During Field Experiments and Observations in a Uncontrolled Environment”
The appendix contains a comprehensive list of all known external variables. Please feel free to calculate the variability using any of the other accepted methods.

1.The portal creation event took place approximately 50 meters below ground in a large man made stone room measuring……….


“……………Does this come in common? Cause I dont know dwarven yet.”


Author: Bryce Coventry (3rd Order)

Slanish bought the Cliff’s Notes edition. It was quite the fetching read.

Author: Bryce Coventry (3rd Order)

Tso took a d4 of damage or two.

Author: Bryce Coventry (3rd Order)

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