"And they have the same job as us?!"

Williams plopped down in the chair, unceremoniously dropped his pack to the floor and sighed. Edder passed a mug to him from across the table, Williams scooped it up and took a long drink. He sat the mug down and gazed across the barracks, he found a few faces he didnt know on the others side of the room.

Leaning over to Edder, Williams asked. “Is that them?”

Edder smiled and took a shot of his ale, “That would be them. Arrived a little over two weeks ago, while you were away. Few days later they were transferred to the Expedition and sent out the next morning. Only been back for a day or so.”

“Are the rumors true? About the saltflats?” Williams questioned.

Edder chuckled, popped the cork off another bottle and leaned back in his chair. “Oh you missed quite a show when they got back yesterday. Take a look up there” Edder pointed with his mug to the far wall. Mounted on the wall with a fresh backing was a claw. A giant black claw.

“No….NO! You got to be kidding me! Thats not what we do!”

“Well seems that no one told that to them, damn fools!” Edder pored himself another drink then filled Williams’ mug again. “You should have seen Sarg, he didnt know what to say, hell I heard he promoted them.”

Williams took a drink of his refilled ale, “After two weeks?! Ive been here ten years!”

“Ya but you aint killed no dragon, besides you should be happy, we got an easy thing going here”

“OH you say that now Edder, soon they will expect us all to be slaying dragons and such!”

Williams and Edder both looked down as if deep in thought, a cold sweat on their brow, at almost the same time each scrambled for his drink and downed the rest.

“I think Ill have me another bottle of ale Edder.”

“And I think you’ll share it Williams.”



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